Rotten Eggs and Dirty Socks: The Durian

Durian 1
Durian Fruit

The Durian a.k.a. the King of all Fruits comes down to three main aspects: smell, taste and texture. All of which are hard to capture in words so I definitely suggest that people try the durian fruit despite the many bad reviews.


Dirty socks and rotten eggs. That’s what I think the durian smells like. It smells so bad. I had it in my refrigerator for 15 minutes, and it had my entire fridge smelling like expired eggs for the rest of the day. Get past the smell and prepare yourself for the flavor.


The flavor definitely does not match the smell. Some people might argue otherwise, but I don’t think that the actual flavor tasted like dirty socks and rotten eggs. In fact, it’s kind of sweet and tropical.


Thorny Husk – Getty Images

Unfortunately, I was not able to hold the whole durian in my hands. I had it after it was taken out of the thorny husk. Darn… I did get to experience the texture of the edible part on the inside. Surprisingly it was creamy and stringy – not thorny, thank goodness. It’s a texture you would have to get used to.

Durian 3
View of the Inside

All images my own unless otherwise stated


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