Indian Food, Schmindian Food

Chicken Tikka Masala with a side of Rice and Naan

Disappointment. If I could think of one word, that describes Indian food, it would be disappointment. Maybe I should have gone into this experience with no standards or low expectations. Before trying Indian food, I had only heard the best things about it. No one has ever told me that it isn’t good; however, no one ever prepared me for how plain it is.

I didn’t and still don’t know much about Indian food. I know they use curry in their dishes, more often than other cultures, and for the most part, they don’t eat beef. I was okay with this because I like foods other than just beef, and curry hasn’t killed me yet, so we’re on good terms. I think maybe if I had tried other Indian dishes and learned more about the food, I might like it more than I do now.

Kathi Rolls

I decided to try Indian food at Mahan’s Indian Restaurant. I ordered Kathi Rolls as an appetizer. They consisted of various vegetables, marinated lamb, mixed with herbs and spices. The flavor of the rolls were alright, nothing too spectacular. I forgot that I don’t like gamey meats, and lamb is at the top of that list. I was reluctant enough to find a reason to not finish that roll. My mouth and lamb just don’t mesh well together.

I shared the next dish with my boyfriend. He ordered this one thinking that it was a safe bet because everyone who gets this dish normally ends up liking Indian food. It was Chicken Tikka Masala, and it was less than exciting. I thought that the flavors would be an explosion in my mouth, but I couldn’t be anymore wrong. It was like a dead firework. The thought of it is exciting but setting it off to have nothing is the biggest letdown.


I think the saddest part of my Indian food journey is that I even ordered my dishes mild to spicy, and all of them still let me down. The only good thing that came from this was that I was able to have sweetened rice for dessert, or as they call it, Kheer. I’m a desserts person, so I’ll like most desserts… unless it’s the grey stuff.

Maybe it could have been the restaurant that I tried, or maybe it was my taste buds that day. I couldn’t tell you why I feel this way about Indian food, but what I can tell you is that Indian food will never be at the top of my list for a go-to food. It probably won’t make second, third, and who am I kidding? It won’t even make it fourth or fifth. Indian food, I’m sorry, but to me, you are plain and basic.


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