RA Sushi: Viva Las Vegas Roll

Viva Las Vegas Roll.jpg
Viva Las Vegas Roll

“Just get the Viva Las Vegas Roll. You’re trying new foods anyways. It will be good. I promise.” That was my boyfriend’s way of getting me to try this roll that I really did not want to try.

I decided to just go ahead and order the Viva Las Vegas Roll. The roll consists of cream cheese and crab meat rolled in rice. On top of it is a scoop of spicy tuna and crab meat mixed together topped with a sliced lotus root. Is lotus even edible?

As soon as I bit into that sushi roll, I knew. I knew that I need to start trying new rolls because that sushi roll was delicious. The crab meat and the spicy tuna mixed together was the most perfect combination for fish. The crab meat and cream cheese at the bottom of the roll tasted like heaven and completed the roll.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant knows how to make a  really good Vegas Roll and make it their own as well.. With the first bite, I fully understand why everyone wants this particular roll. Delectable, mouth-watering, leaves you wanting more.  It’s a perfect roll during happy hour because it makes you, your stomach, and your wallet very happy.

Pictures found at RA Sushi Bar Restaurant Website



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