Tried the Grey, Not Delicious

Grey Stuff

Believe it or not, a lot of bakers do not like to eat a lot of sweets. The sugar gets real old, real fast. Don’t get me wrong, the flavors, the textures, all the different chocolates are all so good, but only in moderation. When it comes to trying new desserts, I feel like Gordon Ramsey. I am very critical of how desserts taste and look.

Disneyland is not only known for fun attractions or delightful shows, but also for all the different types of foods and desserts. Recently, Disneyland Resort has added a few new dessert items to their menu to promote their new movie, Beauty and the Beast.

The Grey Stuff is sold at the newly named Red Rose Tavern, along with another new dessert item, the Lemon Rose Cake. The grey stuff is made of vanilla mousse with a small red velvet cake and raspberry in the middle. The mousse was very buttery, though the cake was good. The Lemon Rose Cake, on the other hand, was gross. It had sliced strawberries within the lemon rose infused mousse, and the texture was less than delightful.


I wouldn’t suggest going to get the Grey Stuff (definitely not the Lemon Rose Cake) – it’s not worth the six dollars. I would suggest picking up beignets (pronounced ben-yey) at either Café Orleans or Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen Express. They taste like little clouds of heaven.

All images my own.


One thought on “Tried the Grey, Not Delicious

  1. […] I think the saddest part of my Indian food journey is that I even ordered my dishes mild to spicy, and all of them still let me down. The only good thing that came from this, was that I was able to have sweetened rice for dessert, or as they call it, Kheer. I’m a desserts person, so I’ll like most desserts… unless it’s the grey stuff. […]


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