Vegan Food featuring Bacon

Bacon is bacon. Other names for bacon include but are not limited to: pork belly, yummy breakfast food, delicious wrapping around various foods, etc. etc. Names that are not bacon are coconut flakes. Coconut flakes are not bacon. They do not look like bacon and they certainly do not taste like bacon.

Bacon 1Bacon 2

Vegan food likes to do this thing where they make a food, and something in that food is supposed to resemble meat? Then they continue by naming that resemblance the meat name. To me, that makes no sense. Why do vegans name these foods after meat foods? I feel like this goes against Veganism…? If it’s coconut flakes, please just call it that, don’t call it bacon. You aren’t fooling anyone vegans.

Besides the weird names that vegans give to food, I will admit that their food isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Being vegan sounds scary to me. The first thing I think of is a lot of greens such as kale, kale and more kale – at least that’s what my sister makes it seem like. Veganism is more than just eating a lot of kale.

Green Bliss Cafe is where I started my vegan journey. This place is perfect for trying vegan food for the first time because if you don’t like it, they have other healthy options that aren’t just vegan.

My sister and I both ordered vegan sandwiches and shared. I ordered the avocado B.L.T. (bacon is coconut bits) with a small green-bliss salad. She ordered the curried chickpea salad panini with a small kale salad (See! What did I say? Kale!). We also ordered one green tea cupcake and one chocolate cupcake. Here starts my journey.

Chickpea Panini

I tried the chickpea panini first. It was on rye – not my favorite bread, but what other choice did I have at that moment? The first bite was not that great. I wasn’t a fan of the curry and vegan mayo, and I definitely did not like the chickpea. The chickpeas texture tasted like barely cooked beans. It really was not that great. After that first bite, I knew I couldn’t finish this sandwich, and my sister would have to take it.

Vegan BLT with Avocado

The B.L.T., on the other hand, was not that bad. I was content with the sandwich. I will emphasize one more time, coconut flakes do not taste like bacon, not one bit. The sandwich overall tasted like a regular B.L.T., so it was alright. I ended up eating all of this one because I really couldn’t stand the chickpea panini, and I was really hungry.

Lastly were the cupcakes. Being a baker myself, I can tell you these two things: vegan desserts are very dense in the middle and very sweet. They are good but can only really be eaten one small bite at a time.

Overall the food was alright, but I do believe that there is better vegan food out there. If you decide to go vegan or want to try it out, I would definitely suggest reading this article first. There are some nutrition facts that need to be known before going vegan and this website tells you what you need to look out for.

All images my own


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